Garden Design

How it works:

  • KATE WILL INITIALLY view a project free of charge, within a 25 mile radius of the office base, outside that range there is just a fee for fuel.
  • HERE THE CLIENT CAN discuss their needs and desires for a garden. If a design is required, then the space will be surveyed by her team, (for more complicated schemes a surveyor will be brought in), and from this an
  • OUTLINE PLAN is produced showing proposed areas of hard and soft Landscaping. Once the client has viewed and approved or made adjustments a
  • DETAILED PLAN is drawn, in 2D, (if required a 3D plan can also be shown,) detailing the hard landscaping and planting scheme.
  • ON PRODUCTION of this plan, costings will be drawn up, and the client given a start and approximate finish date for the build.
  • A 50% DEPOSIT is required at this stage for the work to begin, the balance paid on completion.